Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Meet the Teacher and CURRENTLY


Having spent the better part of the best year turning the ogling of Pinterest, Google Reader, Monday Made It! and other linkys into a professional spectator sport, I thought it was about time I join the party. I'm Claire, I currently teach Year 5 (4th Grade) and am moving up to Year 6 (5th) in September. I absolutely adore my job and feel so lucky to get paid  to do all my favourite things and spend all day with 30 of my favourite people!

I thought I'd kick off my foray into the blogging world with a first attempt at a 'Currently'. I've had a good rummage through Farley's fabulous blog and have tried to follow the guidance but apologies if I'm not quite 'spot on.' Fingers crossed and here goes...

Listening - My friend recommended this band and they are such a happy, reggae-y, ska-infused blend of summery goodness. Absolutely perfect for winding the windows down and driving along Norfolk country lanes. We're having a bit of a uni (college for you stateside folk) reunion in October and all of my housemates are coming to me to go and see them play live. What a great reason to regroup and reconnect with some fabulous people! :D

Loving - It is almost July and this weekend is only the second day of sunshine. How depressing. And yet, how wonderful when it does actually come out. MJK (my lovely OH) ran a 10k run, whilst I got to sit outside chatting with the other watching women, so we really made the most of the sunshine. We're now in our backyard having a bbq and enjoying some quality time together. I love weekends!

Thinking - See above :D

Wanting - As most of the blogs I follow as States -based, I am very jealous of everyone wrapping up their classrooms and thinking about next year. All the classroom ideas are drool-worthy, especially the fabulous tubs and baskets you all seem to find in every colour under the sun. So jealous!

Needing - Reports are my nemesis. It's a sad fact that I already know that I will be writing them at 4a.m. on the due date - oops! Procrastination is my middle name.

Tips, tricks or hints - Especially plan in some nice lunches. That midday break is still the stuff of dreams, and generally filled with marking and printing but on those rare occasions when it does happen, a lovely lunchbox is sure to make it even more magical. Check out these beauties from the ever-amazing Erin Condren too!

So there you have it, a little bit of me for you. Hope to continue this lovely blogging journey for many adventures to come :D

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