Thursday, 15 May 2014

Don't be a kangaroo!

Testing is finished!

We are done! 

All of everyone's hard work (children and adult) from the past four years, summed up into 5 different test papers, each over and done with in less than one hour. This morning, I couldn't help but feel a little disheartened (although proud - very proud!).

However, this afternoon, a great gang of college kids came to school to do some sporting activities with our exhausted kiddies, which they loved. As the afternoon progressed and I watched them laugh, run, tease, lead, play, talk, plan, win, lose, comfort, encourage, support, strategise (and enjoy themselves), I started to change my point of view.

What will be will be, and I'm sure they've done brilliantly. But... regardless of the results, all that work has not been in vain, nor does it stop now. Everything they have learnt will go with them into the next stage of their life and we now get to spend the final 8 weeks valuing their other skills.

How sad for O, that she worked so hard but still struggled all this week. That she spent the year losing confidence but gaining in fear about what was coming. That she forgot what a great leader and friend she is but remembered that she didn't know her 3x table.

Well now it's time for a change. Time for her, and all the others, to shine!

My colleague sent me a link to this beautiful video:

It absolutely sums up what the next 8 weeks need to be about. Remembering that all children are unique, talented and special and that our success is not determined by our ability to write an essay, comment on an author's use of imagery or multiply 29 by 316.

Instead, our success is measured in myriad ways. Ooey Gooey sums it up nicely here and, in the meanwhile, I am so, super excited about our summer curriculum and giving them all something to be excited, proud and successful in!

And now, a special note to any of my kiddies, who are reading this...
Well done all of you, so much, on everything you have achieved this year. It has all contributed to making you the wonderful, funny, kind and dedicated young people you are today, and I can't wait to share our final few weeks together. Let's make them the best yet! 
Love from Miss O 

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