Thursday, 8 August 2013

Holiday Snaps and Freebie!

Hulloh! I'm baaack!

After 2 wonderful weeks of sunshine, sangria and fabulous times, I'm now home. Apologies for the long absence, especially so close to my blog 'd├ębut' but in all honesty I feel no regret, the holiday was just fabulous! I thought I'd take the opportunity to share some snaps and highlights and so give you my first little hello from the real me! I'm also going to take this opportunity to link up with Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week: Meet the Teacher...

...and hope you enjoy some insight into the behind-the-scenes of the blog! Here goes:

MJK welcoming me to the Puerto Banus harbour. What beautiful weather after grimy UK!

No judging - my family and I play tabletop role games when we're on holiday. It's so much fun! This time, my sister and her boyfriend got a little too much into their character: Shikage, and went all out with their costumes! He even made origami Ninja Stars!

Some of my 'beautiful' family gurning at me on a night out for a yummy dinner (see the yummy dinner below!)...

Yum! The.. best.. paella.. ever!

On the final night, we had a disco party. As MJK and I forgot to bring costumes (hits forehead), he decided to don one of my maxi dresses. There ensued much mirth and merriment! :)

The next stage of our holiday was in the county of Bouillon, Belgium. We went on a little wander around this beautiful town...


The view from the chateau was incredible!

 What a sweet set of in-laws I have too :D

The town was so wonderful, we went back the next day for more...

The best moules-frites I've ever had (which is saying something as I'm french!) and...

swan pedalos!!! Luckily, I didn't have to pedal, the men took care of that :)

We finished off our two weeks with a romantic 3-day break in Amsterdam. It was my first time but MJK had been several times before. I think he enjoyed playing tour guide a little too much. He even had the accessories down...

Luckily, we protected ourselves from the rain through other means!

 Yummy waffles (we had 2 - very greedy!)

At the Amsterdam Museum above a 'Walk on Art' carpet. Tens of individual squares of art from different local designers printed into a long runner carpet. Fabulous!

 Beautiful little sets of bowls at the market. How I wish we had a car with us :(

 Croquettes!! These and Febo fed us for the three days pretty much.

Delicious lattes at a bar in the Red Light District. I love that they were served in glasses!

After three brilliant days (and lots of googly-eyed stares at the sights of the city) it was time to go home. MJK, ever the sailor at heart, was super excited to see our boat...

Isn't he cute!? The boat was fabulous but the most glorious view was that of England in the morning as we came into harbour.

As they say... "There's no place like home."

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my life and that you accept my apology for my digi-absence. :) As a little thank you for reading, take these Guided Reading Rotation cards that I made in my first few days of holiday. I'm looking forward to using them in class (I get into my classroom on Monday!!!) and hope you enjoy them too!

UPDATE: Just remembered that I got the inspiration for the cards from 4th Grade Frolic and her oh-so-generous Facebook Fan Freebie of a Daily 5 Rotation board. Big thank you to her for all the ideas and inspiration. Head on over and check out her fab Classroom Reveal that she's just posted. Super jealous!


  1. What beautiful pictures! It looks like you had a great time.
    - Melissa
    Teacher Abroad

  2. I love your pictures! Looked like a fabulous trip! Glad to have found your blog!
    First Grade Follies

  3. What an amazing trip! So jealous! Looks like you had so much fun and then some! Plus, you had an amazing umbrella hat...I sort of want one now ;)

    My Shoe String Life
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