Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hello Blogosphere, 

I am joining my friend, and amazing teacher ( see evidence of amazing stuff below) Claire in creating this blog. If you have already started following the blog you will notice that I have been extremely poor at actually taking part...at all... so far. 

Let me remedy this situation. I have just completed my teacher training and am setting up my classroom for the first time. My school is an official Beach school and my class is called Sharks, so I have gone for the surprising theme of....The Sea! I'm so original!

Having spent 2 years as a hard done by teaching assistant ( joking, I loved it) I have had a lot of time to think about my first classroom, having watched several teachers try different approaches both to classroom organisation and decoration. I thought that this time had me well prepared for my own class but I found myself several weeks ago standing in an empty room with NO ideas what to do first. 

I want my room to be inviting and warm and have lots of access to the display boards as I try to use these as active, fluid, boards instead of static displays. 

Here are pictures of my first attempts to create a theme and to bring a room together ( not yet finished) 
More pics and info to follow, as term begins.

( Newly Qualified, Tiny Bit Terrified) 

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